Why Customers Believe in Woodlink Bird Feeders, Houses, and Shelters – Guaranteed Satisfaction


"WoodLink has been a great partner for our business. Being a specialty franchisor, our demands for quality, functionality and consistency are among the highest in the industry. WoodLink consistently exceeds our expectations. We work with WoodLink from concept to development to distribution and WoodLink makes it easy every step of the way. Their experience in the industry is invaluable through all stages of the process and beyond. Their customer service on all levels reflects the quality level of their products. WoodLink is an invaluable partner in our success."

Neil Gladner
Vice President, Retail Operations and Marketing
Wild Bird Centers of America, Inc.

We have a Squirrel Bouncer that was attacked by a bear. I ordered a new tube - which was sent very quickly! When starting the repair - we found we were missing two of the perches. When I called I fully expected to pay for the parts, as this was bear damage - not squirrel! The gentleman I spoke with is sending me new perches at no charge. That doesn't happen now a days.... LOVE these feeders - very impressed with the customer service that I have received. We have several of their line, and will be adding more! Hopefully for the birds and not the bears! I highly recommend this company and their products. Thank you so very much for making my day!!  


 Moretown, VT

"As an professional landscape and wildlife photographer, I've set up my fair share of Woodlink bird feeders and houses to attract a wide variety of song birds. The bottom line is this: They look and perform better then anything else on the market! And they continue to do so year after year."

Tim Bloomquist

"I cannot begin to express my appreciation for your replacement of the referenced bird feeder!

When I spoke with your representative on the phone about securing a replacement for the glass hurricane, I was delighted when she said they would ship one at no charge. I was tickled pink that she offered to send us a replacement glass but was absolutely astounded when we opened the carton to find a complete new feeder.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love the WoodLink COPLANTERN as do our cardinals, doves and finches."

Warmest regards,

Shirley Halladay
Lawrence, KS

"I have used a wide variety of Woodlink/Audubon products over the past year and find them to be of very good quality. Their products are functional and easy to use and maintain. They have a broad selection of products that can meet the needs and tastes of any bird or wildlife enthusiast. I especially appreciate their "Going Green" line of products which are made right here in the USA, out of recycled plastics. They are good for us AND wildlife!"

T. Simmons

"WoodLink products are exceptional. My WoodLink bird feeder has been hanging in my Northwest backyard for over three years. It's combination of style, functionality and durability make it a great addition to my garden. It is, by far, the best feeder I've ever had. It looks great, attracts a variety of birds, is simple to refill and also easy to clean after months of being subjected to Oregon rain! I look forward to many more years of use and highly recommend WoodLink!"

Carl Sanders

Salem, Oregon

"According to the Vari-Craft website, you all have taken over their operations.  Permit me to recommend that you not make many alterations to the Vari-Craft 2 qt. Seed Tube Bird Feeder.  Not only has mine successfully resisted plenty of squirrels, as promised, but it also survived a snacking bear the other night.  The corners of the lid are a little bent, but it works just fine. My other bird feeder was rather emphatically bitten in two.  Thanks!"

Kate Davie
Ryegate, Vermont

"The Slot N Pin display is an excellant selling tool to our customers. We have many customers who stop and watch the video which explains how the system works. Sales have been great."

Woodsmith Store
West Des Moines, IA


We have had a Woodlink Copper tube feeder for several years. It has been knocked down at least 5 times by bears. once it was dragged over 100 ft into the woods where I found it. It now has bear tooth punctures through it in several locations, but still works great. Hats off to Woodlink for making such a sturdy feeder.

Scott Immer

WoodLink Guaranteed Satisfaction
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